Brian Tsang UX / UI Design


Usability Research
Discovery, interviews, testing and design validation.
Interaction Design
User flows, wireframes, and information architecture.
Rapid Prototyping
Rich, click-through prototypes.
Visual Design
High-fidelity mockups and finished design.


Design and optimize e-commerce platform for ordering flowers.
Reimagine a legacy site as a modern, responsive web solution.
Provide cyber security at a glance.


I managed the end-to-end customer experience for a top e-commerce platform. I was responsible for customer behavior analysis, usability testing, site optimization, as well as interaction and visual design. Being involved in testing really helped me use insights to drive the overall design.

Redesign 2019

FishHawk Ranch

The overall experience of didn’t match that of a successful master-planned community in Tampa, Florida. Mired in a rigid, antiquated template, the old design failed to reflect the vibrant lifestyle and spaciousness associated with the fresh and contemporary FishHawk Ranch community. The redesign included a complete reimagination of the entire site architecture as well as new visual design and interaction patterns that supported the needs of potential homebuyers - all in a modern, responsive web solution.


Security On-Demand

Network Security and IT professionals are constantly analyzing threats and defusing situations. Reaction times and solutions remain paramount to the job. The redesign provided a comprehensive, quick-ready snapshot of overall security status for busy security professionals.

Optimize product detail page (PDP) for increased conversion.
Transform an amorphous business concept into a market reality.
Relaunch B2C site with new online ordering system.

FTD Page Optimization

Conversion for the mobile view of the PDP suffered from usability defects and engagement - findings supported by site analytics and Clicktale monitoring. Customers experienced frustration with repetitive inputs for processing the same request as well as the inability to visually track the customization of an order.


The revision required a different approach - and location - for the zip capture feature. Most importantly, repositioning it shortened the distance between the Option selectors and product imagery thereby reinforcing bouquet customizations.

Scenario A

If delivery information is NOT yet captured, present zip capture feature within a focused modal that precedes the Product Detail page. This sequencing provides a more fluid entry into the PDP.

Scenario B

If delivery information is ALREADY CAPTURED on Home or Category pages, skip the modal and display the inputs in accessible manner for editing.

TwoSmiles by HP

The opportunity: disrupt the greeting card and retail markets by creating a combined greeting and gift card.

Business Goal

The HP division based in San Diego focused on printers and ancillary products such as ink and media that would generate revenue from the business of printing.

Customer Need

Customers appreciated saving time and the convenience more than anything else. Printing a combined greeting and gift card from home simplified busy lives.

Proof of Concept
Internal Alignment

Concept sketches generated stakeholder support.

Minimum Viable Product

Print personalized greeting + gift cards in 3 easy steps while at home.


I was the creative lead and art director for Rubio’s, one of Southern California's tastiest and iconic restaurants, during the launch of a new online ordering system. The new design certainly hooked in customers:

  • Online order conversion rate increased 20%
  • Gift Card purchase conversion rate increased 17%
  • Beach Club sign-up conversion rate increased 20%


Curious. Analytical. Design nerd.

I design. I obsess. I research. I test. I tweak. I prototype. I create.

And I always look at problems from many different angles in the process of translating ideas and concepts into tangible deliverables. I’m not afraid to dig deeper into a problem space or ideate relentlessly to craft a solid strategic foundation.

When it’s time to design, I’ve got the chops to create the visual and emotional language. Work with brand guidelines and design systems? Yep, can do that too. It’s beauty built on a strategic framework.

Most recently, I served as Senior UX / UI Designer at FTD in sunny San Diego, where I oversaw the customer experiences for amazing brands such as FTD, ProFlowers, Personal Creations, and Shari’s Berries.

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When I’m working on a problem, I never think about beauty. But when I’ve finished, if the solution is not beautiful I know it’s wrong.
Buckminster Fuller

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